Library Committee

There is an Advisory Committee of the library named as library sub-committee. There are nineteen members in that committee. Principal is the chairperson and Librarian is the Convener. There are eleven faculty members, five non-teaching staff and one students’ representative in the committee. The members are as follows:

  1. Prof Sujato Bhadra(Teacher-in-charge)
  2. Dr. Sk Abul Salam (Librarian)
  3. Prof Sutapa Neogi (Faculty)
  4. Prof A. Majumder (Faculty)
  5. Prof Bimalesh Bera (Faculty)
  6. Prof N. Majumder (Faculty)
  7. Prof Chinmoy Goswami (Faculty)
  8. Prof Madhumita Das Chaki (Faculty)
  9. Prof Avijit Dutta (Faculty)
  10. Prof Pintu Sarkar (Faculty)
  11. Prof Srubabati Chakraborty (Faculty)
  12. Prof Buddhadev Misra(Faculty)
  13. Sri Ramkrishna Ghosh(Non-teaching staff)
  14. Sri Prabal Chakraborty (Non-teaching staff)
  15. Sri Sudipta Chatterjee (Library staff)
  16. Sri Gaurab Saha (Library staff)
  17. Sri Karunamoy Chakraborty (Library staff)
  18. General Secretary, Students’ Union (Students’ Representative)

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